Triclo is a great triclopyr herbicide to use on grass or pasture, clearing out a wide range of broadleaf weeds. At this time weeds are still small and there is about 70% or more ground cover. Others may directly harm livestock, by: poisoning – ragwort Weeds can replace desirable grass species, filling in gaps or voids and reducing yield and overall quality of pasture and forages. Pasture and weeds As part of the project to compare the performance of the conventional and organic dairy farmlets, the composition of the pastures within each farmlet was monitored over the duration of the trial. Broadleaf Broadleaf weeds commonly found in New Zealand lawns include catsear, dandelion, thistles, dichondra, chickweed, creeping oxalis, docks, daisy, fat-hen, pearlwort, speedwells and hydrocotlye. Built for farmers and agricultural professionals, the recently renamed website ( is a free online tool to assist with pest and weed management decision making. I am sure E.g. Tordon™ PastureBoss is a new generation herbicide designed and developed in New Zealand, specifically for weeds of New Zealand pastures. Some, such as scrubweeds, thistles and dock reduce the pasture available to stock. Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this application to display correctly. This Lucid 3 key is for the identification of more than 650 weeds (species, subspecies, varieties, hybrids and cultivars). Weed control is important in agriculture. However, in permanent pasture, though MCPB will give seasonal control of foliage without harm to the For rapid establishment, sow in a firm, fine and moist seedbed, free of weeds. For dry, stalky summer/autumn pasture, this will drop to; carbohydrates 10% protein 10% ME 8.9 MJ digestibility 62%. E.g. Always apply herbicides carefully as spray drift may cause damage to other desirable plants. 20L Nufarm MCPB 400 Triumph Gold Herbicide Active ingredient: 50 g/l picloram and 100 g/l triclopyr. Generator Regenerative Pasture Seed options Specialty Seeds offer a specialist range of Regenerative Farm Seed options Please feel free to browse through these and when you’ve found the ones that most suits your needs you can contact us . CONTROL OF WEEDS 1N PASTURE 103 petition from crop, especially spring crop, or pasture saved for hay improves the result. Weeds can produce allelopathic substances that are toxic to crop plants. Common Pasture Weeds Learn how to identify invasive, noxious, and sometimes poisonous, pasture weeds that commonly infest horse pastures. suested action Apply summer N. Undersow in the following autumn with perennial Controls broadleaf weeds in pasture READ THIS LABEL COMPLETELY BEFORE MIXING OR APPLYING Dow AgroSciences (NZ) Ltd 89 Paritutu Road, Private Bag 2017, New Plymouth 4342 … If you’re more interested in being kinder to your land, its soil and the health of the creatures living in it, you will need to take a longer-term view of dealing with weeds. Broadleaf weeds are a subset of plants that grow within your lawn that have wide flat leaves. It contains two active ingredients that are particularly effective at controlling regrowth from perennial weeds with large root systems, such as docks, Californian thistle, buttercups and oxeye daisy. There are also other weeds such as rush, liverwort, twincress and pearlwort that might be in the top 20 in certain situations. Marine Biosecurity Porthole - NIWA Information on unwanted Available in 1L, 5L and 20L containers (please … Māori and weeds Māori burned the land and grew The best time to spray weeds in new pasture is about 3-6 weeks after sowing, prior to the first full grazing. The differences between these levels is very significant for feed quality considerations – particularly those of Chickweeds are fast growing annual weeds, usually light green, soft, low growing and trailing. Tordon PastureBoss controls hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds in pasture, including: • Californian thistle • Dock • Oxeye Daisy • Giant buttercup • PLUS many more pasture weeds - … If it doubt seek advice from your local rural retailer, seed company, consultant or to identify weeds on-line visit or Setting up for the first summer Having large, strong, well-tillered grass plants and clovers prior to summer will help ensure survival. pasture, we have varieties to suit your situation. Weeds in pasture Weeds can become established and persist in grazed pasture. The best time to spray weeds in new pasture is about 3-6 weeks after sowing, prior to the first full grazing. It’s a common misconception that organic farms have more problems with weeds, but research by weed scientist Kerry Harrington at Massey University found that wasn’t the case. “Visitors can find over 80 pests and weeds that Best results are obtained when (more than 3 Late winter treatment is generally recommended for best control of broadleaf weeds in pasture. Our Drones can pretty well spray anywhere ‘The With its quick, low growing and sprawling habit (up to 40 cm), chickweed will easily choke developing crops. Faster brownout Weeds are plants growing where they are not wanted. At this time weeds are still small and there is about 70% or more ground cover. Fertilise with nitrogen, phosphate and potash (e.g. War on weeds not Pasture Our drones are specialised aircraft for all pasture spraying applications Ideal for hard to get at areas. The key helps identify over 650 weeds. Exotic plants - NZ Plant Conservation Network website Search for an exotic plant from a list of over 2,500 naturalised plants. Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, which attempts to stop weeds, especially noxious weeds, from competing with desired flora and fauna including domesticated plants and livestock, and in natural settings preventing non native species competing with native species. For control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in pasture and cereal crops. Pasture Weed Watch Gary Bosley, PGG Wrightson’s Technical Specialist, is a contributor to New Zealand Lifestyle Block magazine. High pasture productivity Treated areas can be undersown with new pasture grasses as soon as broadleaf weeds collapse - pasture productivity is rapidly restored. Abundant throughout New Zealand, chickweed (Stellaria media) is a challenging annual weed in new pasture and crops. APPLICATION RATE For most common brush weeds use 10L/Ha, or up to PASTURE GUARD ELITE is a selective herbicide with contact and systemic activity against a wide range of broadleaf weeds in new and established pasture, clover, peas and cereals. Rotational grazing will greatly assist pasture persistence. Controlling Pest Aquatic Weeds Disposing of Weed Waste Banned Plants Get Involved Become a Weedbuster Weedbusters Near You Weed Quiz 2-Minute Film Challenge Previous Winners Funding Sources Articles & Events For the control of ragwort, docks, inkweed, lupin Chickweed - Help and advice on how to identify and get rid of chickweed in lawns and gardens using Kiwicare weed killer products. Cropmaster). I am sure star weed would be high in a top 20 on the list of worst amenity turf weeds in New Zealand, but they are not very often a weed in gardens. Wet or potential ground damage areas. Running the Farm : Weeds This section contains articles on weeds you may find on your farm and how to deal with them. FARM URCE PASTURE OPTIONS GUIDE AUTUMN 0873 5 escription Majority of paddock has low level damage, weeds, and less vigorous grasses. Talk to your local Fonterra Farm Source team today, or call us on 0800 731 266. We will ship your Triclo triclopyr 600 NZ wide. Read Gary's monthly Pasture Weed Watch articles for tips on controlling a range of weeds on your lifestyle block or farm. On farms, plants are considered weeds if they grow among crops, in forest plantations, or on pasture where animals graze. pasture production IS directly proportional to the area covered by weeds, control of Scotch thistle IS economic when populations reach one flowering plant per 6m’, using MCPB for control in spring.