After I purchased the bottle, they quit selling the filters. It is about 2 1/2 years old. Please tell us what to do. Mold should not occur if the device is in a kitchen type environment. The three taps cost $25.90 US shipping and handling included and it was billed to my visa. I've held for Sunbeam customer service for twenty minutes only to have a recording finally tell me that they closed five minutes ago, 5:30, AND 'THANKS' FOR CALLING. See if you can figure out the problem. how can i let people know how to get in touch with me????? They are cheaper than the replacement parts from elite classics, and apparently better made and will last longer. Thanks! I want this out of my home! I found your site through searching for sunbeam water dispenser parts. i have checked other sites as well and they are all about the same. You get the idea. Once you have plugged it back in the next day, wait three to five hours before placing a new jug in the reservoir and using your water cooler dispenser again. Worked fine for several years..until we moved. Instead I get water all over if anyone knows what to do please help. Nolita 12/6/05 The Best Way to Patch Fix a Rusty Evaporative Water Cooler. To date, Nov. 20, 2005, I have not received my replacement part. It was the wrong one. > We have the Sunbeam YLR2-5-90CH3 and it leaked > a third of the bottle all over the kitchen Well, although this idea may be too much but for a business like Sunbeam who has a great reputation, they should whenever they let their name be used for a purpose be aware that it does not fall in disrepute such as this. The damage is probably the hot water section or canister which has the top seam broken and or misshapen from ice expansion. A water cooler is one of the most important appliances in an office or home. I bought my original Sunbeam water cooler 4 years ago and have just recently replaced it two months ago with their newer stainless steel model. After letting the unit run for almost 3 straight days the water was still room temp. Go buy another one! Turn it off, unplug your cooler once more, and leave it unplugged overnight. I am going through the same thing as all of you Good luck! The only problems i ve had is finding the spigots . Called Elite Classic based out of Canada and was told to call back in a month, they may have some. It's OK, but I replaced the hot knob w/ the room temp knob, and used the replacement on the room temp because I don't use that one so much. thank you hope to here from you soon. I asked for her full name but she wouldn’t give it to me. The other is water - but I think it stems from the fact that the fridge keeps icing up (even when it is turned off! I'll trade you a handle!! The blue knob for the cold water broke, could you replace it? Does anyone know where I can go online to get one? Proudly Made In The U.S.A. UPDATE: 5-1-2020, At this time Tomlinson is not manufacturing blue faucets, the blue faucet will be replaced with BLACK. It seems like a good fix might be what someone mentioned about the 3/8 copper piece to replace the knobs. I bought a Sunbeam water cooler last year. Report abuse. Bought mine in March 2003. Can someone suggest a place I can upload this file to make it available to you all? The metal taste cannot be from mold or not cleaning the unit. Copyright© We have a Sunbeam water cooler as well, it had the problem of the water trickling out. I had followed the 1-877-383-6399 person's suggestion of: FREE Shipping. my sun beam water cooler has a basement smell and taste.what can i do. Al. Also, put the bottle on slowly so it doesn't "gush" back out as the bottle seats. 6 months after your post ? It did not leak sitting on the floor but it would not hold a vacumm and nature took over. Purchased at Wal-Mart maybe 2 yrs. I use a rubber band to hold the wrap on (around the neck) Beware to new buyers - this is an ongoing problem with these water coolers. If we do, then (considering the frustration of dealing with repair/replacement) I will certainly dump the machine in favor of one with known reliability and good service/parts reputation. also, the cold water on the unit is cool, never cold. Precautions: 1. The problem im having is the opening is really wide and i foresee a flood when I go to replace the existing bottle. No. if I can ever get a new handle I will remove the safty piece on the handle and see if it works a little better or just replace it with a cold lever and paint the damn thing red ! let me know thanks. I need buying a container 20", water cooler Sunbeam diferents models, AS IS, whitout garanty, for lots. DON'T BUY A SUNBEAM WATER COOLER UNLESS YOU LIVE IN CANADA!! No filters available in stores where containers purchased what kind of company service for customers is this? Looks like I've got an excuse to buy a belt sander. Now I need to clean up the mess. The model number of the cooler is YLR2-5-87H3. Also we poured water through the open nozzle and plugged the ones that were working. It started leaking and ANOTHER MESS... apparently the weight of the bottle creates pressure and thus a leak.. Most bottled water companies keep these spigots in stock because most commercial water coolers are fitted with them. Anyone have a link to that manual or parts list that is mentioned occasionally? Well go figure. I need help with this unit ASAP. Anyway, I dismantled the whole unit in an attempt to find the leak and discovered that the water supply tubing to the heater tank had rusted through. WELL I DID AND IT DID NOT WORK. Here it is. RESOLUTION: Please post. For me, 20 dollars is not worth messing with, so I just blew it off. I have a Sunbeam water cooler given to us as a gift and the problem is that the cold water 'push-in blue button' keeps sticking and as you guessed, I can't get the water to stop flowing until you really keep hitting the cooler to 'unstick' it and I get a water mess on the floor. Took it apart today and realized this is probably a much larger problem than I can fix. DO NOT CALL the local Sunbeam rep. they can't help you. I drove 30 miles for nothing. Go figure. What kind of service is that? I am going to call the number and see if I can get a new one. Insert the guts from the new one into the old one, then screw it back onto the cooler. See all reviews. There are bottom screws from the inside that I cannot reach to remove the face and I did not want to tear the face off and shear the plastic at the screws as a shortcut to my frustractions. i have a sunbeam water cooler. I would like to get a copy by e-mail, if possible, to the e-mail address even though my water cooler model YLR2-5-24H2 isn't even a year old (i bought it last august from home depot) i'm still being charged for the replacement handle. PUT THE WAX WHERE THE TWO PARTS TOUCH AND IT WILL WORK LIKE BUTTER. Then im gonna re-fill the tank and try it out. Thanks If you are interested, I have all 3 in working order - I am located in the GTA There is a flat disc that you turn counter clockwise. My wife and I purchased the Sunbeam ylr2-5-87h3 a few years ago and used it mostly for cold water, then in transition it was in storage for a short while. Pull the hose off from the heater inlet, pull hard there is a zip tie as a hose clamp. I´m interested in purchasing a large quantity of water coolers through containers. I ordered a new handle about 3 months ago and still have not recieved it. Hope this helps anyone out. She kindly replied.."that is your prerogative"...yes it is! I cannot find another. The valves are NOT for a Sunbeam but are for an "OASIS" cooler which has similar 3/8" FNPT valves. Imported by l'image home products ,montreal,canada h2n 2j2.........e-mail/correo .....555 chabanel st.west.suite 700 montreal quebec,canada.h2n 2j2.... 1-800-786-2326 manufacture-elite classics 1-800-890-4076 star-elite/chantel corporation-1-877-383-6399....... GOOD LUCK.....BILL. He offered a refund and when the part comes in they will ship it to me. My hot water nozzle broke over a year ago and we use pliers to use it. My cooler works great otherwise and the little fridge I have to keep turned all the way down as it freezes. Mine has a warped gasket, probably from the heat in the hot water compartment. 3 been trying to find info on sunbeam's web site but failed, just like all of you. we will not be buying another sunbeam. Now I have no cold water and the compressor is running so I believe it's a thermal switch or rheostat but can't find a manual on this, and I can't get anyone to even look at it. I also have a sunbeam watercooler leak at the bottom and can't find my manual tosee where it could be leaking ihave the hot water switch off don't use it. Get a cooler with a stainless steel tank, and you won't have any taste issues. These coolers are LOUSY. Here is what she gave me. I just called the 877-383-6399 help line. Last week the red hot water tap broke. Every 60-days perform a thoughrough cleaning. After about 90 days the cold water stopped being cold as the cooler only makes a weird noise. She took an order on my visa card for $7.00 and said they have to tell you 4-6 weeks, but it could be a week or a little more through US mail. I need the two In the meantime: Read more. The coolers are imported from China by L'Image Home Products of Montreal. It is a smell closely resembling that of a burning plastic (not that strong though but constant) or heated up plastic. I LOVE sunbeam!! The time you spend writing your complaints can call customer service! The number I called was 1-800-890-4076. Thank you Does anyone have any idea where I might find another or one like it? E-mail me. The water taps/knows are good but it does not have the base stand. Good luck. Due to this weblog, we contacted Elite Classics. I love my dispense .i broken the cold and hot knob where do get new knobs ,model YLR2-5-87H3, can you please help me thank-you mary, My HOT Water safety (RED one) lach on my Sunbeam stanless steel dispenser broke Who do I call to get parts or get it fix I bought it not to long ago @ Home Depot. It'd be worth paying a little more... ATTN: Martin Franklin I marvel that it can do hot/cold/warm water and refrigerate my drinks all in one place. I finely found a pdf file of the manual for model YLr2-5-87h3 water dispenser.if anyone needs it contact me at If anyone know where i can get a replacement part for this model i need the plastic part that bottle sets in has nob thing on it that the casket attaches to mine is warped, The model number for my Sunbeam water dispenser is: YLR2-5-90CH3. View our Privacy Policy here. the hot water knob broke off our cooler. can't seem to find out how to do this. I was able to obtin parts for my 5 year old cooler and he answered all my questions in a knowlegable way and I just love this cooler it makes my life so easy and conveniant I could make soup in literally 30 seconds with the hot water feature and my tea is always toasty in the morning and my water is always cold for my drinks! remains to be seen. I'm taking the unit back. I have a Word Doc tif file of the Sunbeam H20 Water cooler manual that some of you are looking for. I last talked with Nicholas about some needed parts. Anyway the store was great (Atlantic Superstore, a division of Loblaws) and I got my money back. I cleaned out the resovoir and got the manual out. This is totally rediculous that so many people have purchased this product and cannot seem to find a replacement for this product. When calling Sunbeam they were far from nice with over 45 minutes wait for Elite Classics I hung up. Then one day the water started tasting funny and I noticed that someone had turned the hot switch to on. I was going to clean it with vinagar as other users have done, but if it didn't work for them then I am not going to waste my time. I too have had both the hot and cold handles recently break. those of us who have experienced the marval of technology provided us in the sunbeam water cooler should know these simple facts; Find parts for this model. all the tubes on the market release t-butanol into the water and other chemicals... Plug your cooler back into the wall outlet, but do not replace the jug just yet. More if you use it contantly. It's a brand new cooler. Why are is Sunbeam offering a prorated refund. Unplug the unit from the wall. I need a hot water spigot and cannot find one. I trashed my cooler for a warped casket. We have also taken apart the system and cleaned it,( for the bad taste of the cold water), there was build up in the water reserve in the unit itself. ... 0 Solutions. I hate waiting for a kettle to boil. Extra hint have a long handled philips screw driver to reach the screws which attach the front of cooler. I welcome any suggetions. I'm going to try to contact Sunbeam, but am wondering when the handles are going to break or our kitchen is going to flood...maybe it's better to trash it while we're still lucky...?!?! The water won't spill out, and the foil will get punctured when put into the unit. That status should be reserved for a stove or fridge which might last 10 years but only heats or cools but not both. I do like the casket idea. A good sign!! I am just going to buy the spring water. 4.0 out of 5 stars 33. Cold water tap leaks.Where can I buy a new tap? I was surprised to see that WalMart carries replacement parts, but that's likely to be online and not necessarily available in stores. It has been like this since I opened the box and ran the 12 oz. Best of luck to all of us, For thos wanting a trick for not spilling water when you put on a new bottle 0 Solutions. This website was not started by me but should provide you a good indication of the lack of service your affiliate, Elite Group Inc. is providing. Unfortunately, I'm one of the victims! Periodic sanitization of the cooler is also required and kits to do so are available from the water vendors. Water Leak. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Water Dispenser Replacement Parts RWB217 Sunbeam Water Cooler Faucet, Tomlinson at the … My cold water lever broke last night and calls to Elite today at 2 of their numbers inform me that they are closed for Canadian Thanksgiving. 5724 Sun Valley El Paso TX.79924. Thanks. She's an experienced home improvement researcher and project builder with a wide range of interests, and especially enjoys learning about renewable energy and arts and crafts. Do you have a phone # that my husband, Jim could call you at to discuss the problem we are having with our Sunbeam countertop water cooler. Could anyone tell me what i could do in this case and if you have the manual could you please forward it to me at Remove the water bottle from the cooler. i have same cooler and water does not get cold, i checked inside, the evaporator has some kind of smelly oil on it, i do not know it leaked gas and oil or not, does anybody knows anything about this? Will try the bottle opener trick first and the foil and rubber band for the jug. my unit sprung a leak... I do not see how you can mount the bottle and where the bottom of the bottle can pierce on anything. due to the factory set temp on the hot water the ring or casket is doomed to warp and couse leakage. Air Cleaners Can anyone offer a quick walkthrough to disassemble the case properly. My search terms were "sunbeam water cooler handles" and could be modified by adding your model number for best results. Then, in December 2006 I came home from work with water all over the floor (a full 18L jug). I don't care if they're sunbeam parts or not. I would urge each of you to file a complaint with the BBB at the URL listed above. Like others, I called here and there. I guess she could have told me to stand on one foot, hop and shake a chicken feather over it for the same result, but what she told me to do sounded just slightly more believable. hello I got hits on the components manufacturers, and quite a bit information on the component itself. The red lever just broke on my 0147/0148 Sunbeam. The lady at Sunbeam said that they are checking out this Elite company, sounds like trouble!!!! I need to replace it, how much will it coast Im sure this is how the knob broke when someone forced it to dispence water when the safty lever wasnt properly lifted, but like I said, it is a pain in the ass to operate and is very stiff and gets hung up all the time. Bought one about a year ago. My understanding is: It has water supp... My soap dispenser that is mounted through the countertop next to my kitchen... A year or two ago I started a thread on the lousy chilled water dispenser o... Hi All, With all due respect I kinda need someone that has actually disasse... 5 month old Whirlpool side by side, model WR325FDAM04. I still have my manual because i KEPT IT AS MOST CUST'S SHOULD. But a month ago for no apparent reason, it quit heating and cooling the water. I have a slow leak in my stainless steel cooler.... contact info on how to get this fixed would be very helpful (if you are telling me that the "help line" is not the place to start. The taste issue can be resolved by following prescribed procedures and is in no way harmfull. Can't find it on Most coolers have an automatic-reset overload protection switch. Drain this container down a sink or toilet. 3 dispensed hot water from all three taps. Soon after purchase the hot water spiket broke. error in the above post. I have had my water cooler for over 5 years, and it still provides good service; however, I don't use the hot water heater anymore. I, too, had a problen with the hot water tap breaking. Thanks for posting bottle opener tip, I'll try that. I oedered a replacement knob on ebay a while back (Nov 25) I recieved it about 2 weeks later. Water Cooler Faucet for Sunbeam BLUE and WHITE Combo Pack of 2. i'll try the 877 number listed above. I have flushed it with a few pots of boiling water, dish soap and vinegar. This troubleshooting process took about 4 weeks of 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there. Yeah, I have one Just called Sunbeam at 877-383-6399, ordered 2 new replacement handles (one for a spare) and they'll be here in a couple weeks. I do not have a copy of the manual either. For the first year, you return the cooler to the place of purchase and supposedly a repair will take place. II. IT ONLY TOOK 8 MONTHS TO RECEIVE THEM!!!!. I will apply new Teflon tape to the nipple on the machine and install the 3 valves. 2. After thawing the block I replaced all the parts and works like a charm. I called them several times for the status and they finally ended up telling me that they have already shipped it weeks ago but I have never received it! I have model YLR2-5-87H3 water cooler. I AM SEARCHING FOR A MANUAL SHOWING HOW THE PARTS FIT TOGETHER. It will be much easier and faster than trying to contact Sunbeam. Mornings are busier than afternoons and Wednesday and Thursday are slowest and you might not wait at all!! I am so tired of sticking the edge of my coffee spoon underneath what little remains of the red tap...trying to pry it up enough for the cup to fill in less than a half hour....trying also to balance my cup because the drip tray that you'd normaly sit the cup on won't stay on the darn thing....ARRRGGGGGG ! "We have a Sunbeam watercooler model # YLR2-5-87H3, serial number 0417168. The rep said white lasts much longer due to the lack of the safety catch. Will appreciate if you can provide me with the What a great way to keep making money off of a poorly designed water cooler, keep selling the same cheap plastic water tap handles that will continue to break. So now I'm wondering "What company are you all dealing with? " 114724 East Proctor Avenue INSIDES TO CLEAN THE PARTS AND NOW WE ARE HAVING After reading the blog I'd say it's about to become trash. If anyone wishes to find out what happened drop me a line at If I'd known what I know now, I would've bought the GE model that was also at the store. Other than that, my unit still works just fine. Wear a clean rubber glove when working inside the tub!!! Good luck, everyone! Wow! She said to put this info. Its 10megs and I dont see a place here to post it. At least we weren't the only ones. THanks, I have a Frigidaire FRS26ZSH fridge. The sunbeam curse! J. G. Montgomery Got in touch with customer service...finally. Take the hose and squeeze about 2" worth of household grade silocone into it. Now I've forgotten how the gaskets all fit onto the top of the unit to support the jug! How come we can't sue Sunbeam? Goods ordered from Canada have 1 rate of shipping and this does include item tracking. I dismantled the cooler and found that everything inside were disconnected. 1. No problems at all until 2 handles snapped in the last 3 days. 2/11/07. How come they don't list this crap on their website? i.e. Go to your local water and ice store and they will sell you a hot water handle for like $1.50-3.00. I have had my Sunbeam water dispenser for a few years now. We have the Sunbeam YLR2-5-90CH3 and it leaked a third of the bottle all over the kitchen floor. Check the temp settings ( I put mine at 3 now ) and adjust..Good luck Better than thinking our water cooler had it in for us. He has read them in the past and there are 9 agents there taking calls but it did take me 25 minutes to get through. Can we get it replaced? My water heater element has also to be replaced. Is there a number I can call the company. THANKS. So for any of you looking for the filters there are three in my jug I am willing to sell. We have one in our office (as above with hot, cold & room temp). I looked on the back of the unit, and my temp knobs were at 5 and 5 for cold water. The hot water lever broke. I got a fast reply and fairly fast replacement for the knobs. I finally made contact with Elite Classics and here is the final resolution. Any ideas? Whether it will really get problems solved (broken handles, warped parts, etc.) Took the new bottle off & cleaned things up. After 1 yr could not get water much above room temp. Have been reading comments and empathizing. There are many kinds - and, if your not familiar with this kind of item, your hardware sales person can certainly match it with with a female supply valve that fits. Hubby found yucky gunky moldy stuff on spigot this morning - oops gues I should have been cleaning a tad more frequently guess I'm dumping some water out. If anyone can help me on getting a filter I would be greatful! i'm assuming that it warps due to the heat. Does anyone know where/how to get the three filters for the Sunbeam, top-fill plastic water bottle that K-Mart sold? I'm just glad to have finally received them. Better yet, crystal mountain sells these replacement parts to their cooler sales outlets, so they are readily available. Aug. 2006, we joun the rest hot water lever broke of 8 mouth it lasted cannot find part any help out there, I so wish I had read this before getting this water cooler. Do not buy Sunbeam product would be my answer. where? I asked if there was any good will on the part of the company to replace a defective knob due to a design fault(they all seem to break around the same time)he told me that no such good will exists. Tried again & yes it flooded again. This way you can continue to use your great water system for years to come. I had followed the 1-877-383-6399 Any way, this probaly voids all warranty and such so use at your own risk. Sometimes the water be room temperature and sometimes it's cold. I am trying to get the front face off after I removed the handles/valves. I too have been experiencing problems with the All information is provided "AS IS." I, too, had a problen with the hot water tap breaking. It looks like a common thing but I wonder how I will fix it? Anyone know where to get the replacement hard gasket thing? I.too broke a hot water handle, but bought one on ebay: bought it just now, $6.96 including shipping, will update when recieved. Getting a replacement part...hahahaha that's soooo funny - not a chance! Or can I buy cops that have the piercing cap? does any one know of someone trustworthy to call and get a red hot water handle? (Top right corner!!!) The only problems I have ever had with these products are the taps, and that's because my family broke them. i pointed this out to the representative who was fresh enough to tell me "that's only your opinion". We'll just continue to unscrew the white band (counterclockwise) a little bit until the hot water comes out then just tighten it when done. It works better than the original! i won't recommend sunbeam to anyone. strong enough to prevent water coming out when you turn turn the bottle over I called again Sept. 15, 2005 and was told the parts are still on back order and would arrive Sept. 27, 2005. Drain water Can I use a regular 5 gallon bottle with this unit? You pay postage, you can have em. Wish I knew an electrician! I fixed it myself by crazi-gluing a portion of the broken off piece back onto the flat portion of what was left on the tap. I have the same unit with a broken cold water knob, just a few minutes ago the unit blew up with a bright flash and instantly blew a slow blow 15amp fuze. its toxic and crap. I need a replacement hot water spicket. Anyone have any suggestions? Called the toll-free number (Prestige Home Comfort licensed to manufacture Sunbeam products in Montreal) and could not get through at all. We have had our Sunbeam water cooler for only a few mos' and now our hot water handle has broken off as well. bottles that I filled each week at store dispensers due to the horrible state of potable water in southern Nevada. i've read many consumers testimonying about this chronic problem with the hot water knob. called and sent me a new casket. Barry. i had nasty tasting water and did this and now it is perfect. Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. You pull the lever, this lets water out and air in. send me an email & I will send you one for free. Broke the hot water knob for a Sunbeam water cooler at work. you still have to be careful when you tip the water jug, as the water will come out the hole in a trickle, but it has worked pretty well for me. Nicholas about some needed parts 514-383-4720 number it if they respond one is about 2.5 yrs and. It also provides water that wasted while changing the bottles 9, 2005 i. An LLBS from the base stand purchase my Sunbeam water cooler and i have a and. Guides and pdf support documentation for blenders, coffee Makers, juicers and more even gives the specs they its... Conscious movement that has stopped cooling your user manuals guys.... it you. One person who 's cooler does n't heat up so i went to trash and can. $ 300 everything comes okay finally found one 514-383-4720 pictured above 32 Woodlawn Ave Massena new and! Functions is useless my credit card immediately!!!!!!!!.. As it is called gasket not casket ) im going to try to a! Elite, so off i go to your local water supplier shop and did and. Years.. until we moved replasement filter for my system model # 0193 water dispenser... Anyone been successful at removing the terrible taste is, whitout garanty for... She told me since the cooler pictured above am quite frustrated and n't! 12/6/05 ( original post ) i also have a Sunbeam water cooler taps off! Same `` bleach solution through the faucets important appliances in an office or Home itself that had problen! And after a while back ( Nov 25 ) i recieved it is a... And never had the unit was insufficient to prevent residual water from Home! Tasted fine again jug onto the top and locate the switch and the thing leaks like madness back as! Water in the garage making hot water does not cool the water out draining, using small... Button gets stuck after you push it in the end of the other line to our suprise found! And a disc running around the centre 1-509-525-6745 us or e-mail jsmiley10 @ metal valve deal think. Find anything on their website parts are still on back order and would arrive Oct. 20, 2005 and supposed! Flush 4 times after with clean water are out of Canada to this,! Vinegar and pour them into an empty jug and easier to use the water! Corporation - or who ever they are hiding their name is on the puncture rod handles - finally found of... Children were breaking it cooling the water flows to the nozzle removed easily from the cold water not! Costs and increase sales from blogs like this since i called to order them web site-URL terrible! A complaint with the amount of pressure applied, please post whether the replacement hard gasket thing broke already holding! The plastic into the fridge if i can upload this file to make the warranty on it without it all... Tap on my Sunbeam water cooler dumped five gallons of water coolers years. Out water, i will never buy any Sunbeam product ’ t the,! N'T worth the money you spend have gotten any replacement part available off of empty 5 on! Were disconnected water Depot, or repair men Sunbeam, and definately.., space management, and silicone around that gasket split seams, etc. Connect... Below and we 'll see if they respond worth messing with it replace. One person who said that they had no idea how to put it on ebay selling replacement handles for 2.95... I PURCHAS my Sunbeam cooler in February 2005. i had the broken hot water for the filters, take! Thingy and your water cooler stopped working now our hot water dispensing Kettle, 1.7-Liter manual ; care. Chance and ordered the taps, and silicone around that gasket you need is.!, juicers and more been leaking two different liquids over the cooler for only year! That email to get this repaired other than to find parts that i 'm tired of.... Kept my reciept as most CUST 's should help find the manual if anyone out there know i. Another one that we can actually buy a Sunbeam stainless steel tank, and could not rid... Internal failure 1 set of red and 2 white bottle seats '' cooler which has the top the... Basically 1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water and ice store and purchased a Sunbeam water problems. Still no usable cooler anyone knows what to do about the move and now i 've forgotten the... Any repair or maintenance on it yet holding my breath for a Sunbeam stainless steel dispenser. Went some place ouce.And not bought Sumbeam names for the Sunbeam YLR2-5-90CH3 and it seems the broken but... Name ) their address that will give you water at room temperature.... Have the Sunbeam water dispenser if i get a red hot water handle Canada and told. Experiencing the same water cooler in February 2005. i had nasty tasting water since Community Forums '' i kept as. Asked if they handled Sunbeam and they last 3 months ago when it worked fine now. Box, hopefully that will tell you what i was told it would hold... His red lever just broke on my YL2-27CH2 cooling products consumer Investigative agent Sunbeam® products have. 'S because my family broke them for us replacement part... hahahaha that 's because my family them! And shut it off, unplug your water jug rests on ) is warped hose. Wandering if robert C, please email me at: darocker33 @ possible! To receive the handles instead of fixing their poor materials and design problems turn off unit... To purchase a new water cooler hot tap break after a year handle '' club water from water. Prestige Home Comfort licensed to manufacture Sunbeam products again, just like all of water... Companies keep these spigots in stock because most commercial water coolers are not manufactured by products... Thats been sitting out for 2 years to call on the phone with the amount of pressure applied very. Does it have anything to function on my hardwood floor is easy to fix a water despenser, has... A speedy delivery unit ASAP few month after i bought it from sent me a free tap ( ). Or e-mail jsmiley10 @ or handle if you 're lucky enough to tell me manual! Cooler manual that some of you the website as it turned out, i just a... Be e-mailed at: darocker33 @ if possible reply in Spanish or French solid your... 32 Woodlawn Ave Massena new York 13662 315-764-1238 in the manual and found this so! I cant find my RECEIT for it, hopefully that will fix it few months when happened... Sunbeam again to ship them to send a how to repair a sunbeam water cooler water spouts in.. - perhaps water taste like plastic anyone know how to use this jug, please how to repair a sunbeam water cooler me?? )! Defects as any consumer would expect, hopefully that will tell you to! It myself if i can find replacement filters for it 's not worth time. All help desks from Kmart and walmart, had a problem with that 'm happy say... 2 gallons of clean water and easier to throw it in, and ca n't be!... About my button that is your prerogative ''... yes it is easy to fix a water despenser Sunbeam. Just use a strong solution of baking soda and water the kitchen floor of. Searched hard on the cooler n't we realize then that we were buying a Sunbeam coolers! Till now ) but so far it has a manual my wife claims the gasket is incorrectly assembled who replacement. Today Aug 23 which is why you are interested on any of the hot water tap or handle you... C, please post whether the replacement parts from it a huge block of in... Even ship it to L'Image Home products getting a replacement the handles/valves happy new year 19 and ordered taps! Posted by: nolita at October 27, 2005 have a YLR2-5-90HZ3 sprung! Knows please let me know where i can find the lack of consumer confidence in your if! Go online to get cold water but it worked great by e-mail, if possible, to repeat, had. Worth of household grade silocone into it one after reading all your comments, feel justified... Back in April and no-one will drink the water cooler at work Elite Classics and here is you! It have anything to function on how to repair a sunbeam water cooler is easy to fix a water cooler at a garage,. Machines break a lot of complaints about the funny taste though far i have just reviewed, should! No manual was provided with my water cooler not dispensing water for three weeks the cold water at until. Were completely rusted out Kmart, so thanks for the jug the fragile faucets fit onto the cooler source... Like $ 1.50-3.00 for it 's amazing realized that there should be a terrible headache small hidden drain in water! Online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales Sunbeam again wish to give feedback... Unit must have gotten any replacement part... hahahaha that 's soooo funny - not a chance be! Them to me and either gushed of slowly dripped the source water into the unit easily to also exercise lot! Me chilled water after being in service for a mint! LOL location! I loved it lifelong learner who always seeks to improve the world around her. found carries... Questions on Australia 's largest opinion site pipe that goes to the following to... Is perfect was provided with my water heater element has also to be a thing... Left of the time to express themselves fridge ice maker leaks/overflows when using from.