It is meanless to argue if someone should choose one thing from another or force someone to obey someone else's choice. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub . For example .net world? is the number one paste tool since 2002. Choosing to use Bower today is similar to ignoring that ES6 modules are arriving, which is fine since those aren't native yet, but I'm being a stickler and just wishing everyone would jump on that train right now so that the ES6-module future can come quicker. This is mainly because you can configure Bower to store the libraries directly in the /wwwroot directory so it's easy to start a project that way. @capaj yeah added a PR with that recommendation. I think the reason the bower_components folder was abandoned and now uses wwwroot/lib is because no matter whether in dev or production static files need to live below wwwroot otherwise after every edit of a file you need to run taskrunner again to copy the file below wwwroot. Justin. We don't want to ship more than one set of webfonts, even if npm and clever bundling would make it possible. As of June 25, the version of Bower shipped with Visual Studio was deprecated, resulting in Bower operations failing when run in Visual Studio. Gulp is a task runner. I'm happy with Bower and I'll stick to that. Bower was nice in its day, but consolidation in build tools is a Good Thing™ at the moment as far as I'm concerned. It does not do anything npm doesn't do. Everyone on the old package manager should upgrade. Homepage Repository JavaScript. npm WARN deprecated bower@1.8.0: ..psst! Directory name containing your installed bower packages. I hope it sticks around a while longer. Bower versions of Handlebars are still published (at the moment) for backwards compatibility. I don't intend to introduce hard feelings or anything like that, but those other workflows are superior in many ways, and maybe we should encourage people to move to them for the greater good of the Web/JavaScript community as a whole. Tag 3.1.0-deprecated.76 Tag 3.1.0-deprecated.76 Toggle Dropdown. We hope you find Materialize useful in your next project. @calidion - Completely agree. Already on GitHub? Keep deprecated functions available. Bower has been deprecated by its creators. After a long and heated debate on Github, the creators of Bower decided it does not add value to the current web development stack and should be discontinued. July 5th, 2018. Not everyone uses your exact webpack + npm + babel + standard + "whatever else has been released this week" stack. Webpack, babel, etc aside, Bower installs packages. level 2. Sorry guys, I was half-way ranting because I find libraries that continue to rely on globals and need to be loaded with