Which I don't care about the free gifts being I did not pay for the items but if your going to send free gifts at least let them be somewhat alive. The free seed catalog from Botanical Interests is filled with seeds for flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Placed a very small order of butterfly bushes even after reading all the negative reviews. A pear tree they have not replaced from 2016. Last year, I purchased 120 Privet Hedge at a very good price. © 2021 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. I checked my credit card statement. Rain Tree Nursery. I received 2 buffaloberry plants instead of the june berry the middle of May. I am now going to place a huge order - hope this helps the undecided! document.write("
"); That was because THEY told me to wait 6 weeks. Farmer Seed and Nursery’s catalog is a free resource for gardeners and farmers across the United States. document.write(""); This guarantee has not changed this year. I asked for a refund to my credit card. I ordered from Farmer Seed and Nursery back in 2016, my order arrived pretty quick compared to what I expected. Your experience is more typical of our normal customers as we do ship hundreds of thousands of packages to satisfied customers each year. Applewood Seed Co *mostly flowers. Our guarantee regarding replacement is as follows: One seemed dormant (or dead). It is my first and last order no matter how this is resolved. Rather than sending me an email, they just cancelled the order, and I didn't find out about it until a week or so later, when I inquired. How does one begin to tell the story of a 125-year-old business that has grown to take up an entire city block in Faribault? We are sorry to hear of this customers experience. Setting up a nursery is so exciting! I have not heard of this company before so I looked online to see how this company is doing. Please for the love of god do not order "anything" from this company. One of the roses lost a branch. document.write(" "); }if(SizeManager.check_is_mobile()) { Do NOT under any circumstances order from Farmer Seed and Nursery. I'll see how they grow but I've emailed twice and haven't heard back and their phone number doesn't work. They also demanded the original shipping label which I do not now have since I sent that to them with my original request. Apply to have your catalog listed on our site today. I thought they would at least call me and explain my options. I ordered some strawberry plants, and received them on March 8. document.write(" "); Nature Hills Nursery 9910 N 48th St, Suite 200 Omaha, NE 68152 (888) 864-7663 www.naturehills.com Online catalog. Their selection covers most of the basic needs for Midwest gardeners. We apologize, but until further notice, the Village, Seed store, Restaurants and phones will be closed. Oh the 9 dahlias, only one might grow, the rest are already turning to dust. Bolgiano's seeds : market gardeners, truckers and farmers. Shop a large selection of heirloom and Non-GMO vegetables, flowers & herbs. Bountiful Gardens. Plus I lost out on plants, I could of reordered but had hoped they would honor there guarantee. After being repeatedly called Ma'am, even after being corrected, I spoke to her 'supervisor' who was even ruder than the first 'person' I spoke with. Farmer Seed and Nursery and the women who answer the phone the worst customer service ever, hostile even when trying to give them money Bloomington Illinois Print this Report Email this Report We don't have your shipping label, yes we do, no we don't. We had normal results from seeds purchased elsewhere. Some of the largest, oldest and most loved growers and distributors of nursery stock have joined together to provide DirectGardening.com. This site offers the finest flowers, shrubs, trees, and seeds available at prices you won't believe. list your catalog or Lease a Booth: display your ad here. I have seen more complaints about not being able to get calls through, and about if they don't save the shipping label the company wont honor their return policy. Received 75 strawberry plants from Farmer Seed company. Farmers Seed and Nursery guarantees they will grow well with proper care and will add beauty and fragrance to any lawn and garden this year. I needed to first class mail my label to receive credit for a $3.00 purchase!!! Most bulbs and perennials are usually available by September. The roses came with white fuzzy mold on it. 1 plant was dead and I immediately notified them. I'd ordered from seed catalogs for years and never heard of one cheating the customer or not sending healthy plants, so ordered $130.00 worth of plants and seeds from the catalog with the best prices: Farmer's Seed and Nursery. This has nothing to do with the charge card company will no longer let you file a claim, but is based upon available stock and when the best time is to ship. After reading several reviews, many which were negative, we decided to place a small order, under $100, and were pleasantly surprised!!! I live in Wisconsin, and early March is way to early to plant much of anything. They look like the dead ones thrown away several years ago. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post your comments. Missing dirt as it all fell out of the little pots. Whether you are searching for quality herbs, vegetables, and fruits for your garden or the perfect flower bulbs to style up your yard, Farmer Seed and Nursery offers the best seeds for any planting preference. Very pleased with the health and size of them. Advertise | Farmer Seed & Nursery. We will then ship based on weather and availability of the plants." You will be extremely disappointed. William Worthington ,Troy,Idaho. I ordered from Farmer Seed Company in Spring of 2016 and Spring of 2017. My order was around $95. You can request a free seed catalog if you live in the United States. document.write(""); Please contact us by email at seeds@rareseeds.com with any questions. Perhaps with some numbers. Of course they did not. I ordered 6 raspberries, 2 manchurian apricots, 2 juneberries, 2 honey berries from Farmer Seed, aka: Burgess, Richard Owen Nursery on January 22, 2015. Thank you for your post! We continue to ship through the summer and fall as long as the items are still available" Ordered back on April 6th and just received order yesterday - May 17 after I had to email them twice. Your Landscape Experts We know how to create that beautiful and healthy landscape that you will be … Payments can be made by check, money order or credit card. I wish I had read reviews before I ordered. Located in New Brunswick, Canada, we are growers of high quality plants serving customers across North America. But it’s not all fruits and veggies! The Seed and Nursery Catalogs collection includes covers from 250 of the over 10,000 seed and nursery catalogs held by the Libraries as part of our Trade Literatre collections. She says that she is the call center and that the office is closed on Saturday and to try back later. }if(SizeManager.check_is_tablet()) { document.write(" "); After many attempts over the course of a month, I finally get through on a Saturday morning. We did that, the plant was dead, returned it with the original label as instructed and have waited months again for a new plant. They charged my card on 6/12/20 for $29.27, which was quite unusual, since they did not ship my order until 2 to 3 weeks after that. It is seriously not worth wasting your time., with these guys... You'd have better luck reviving a dead sea horse and riding it . Thank you! Call to Order: We are encouraging our customers to call us at 800-352-5247 to place your orders.We can then ship your seed directly to you, or you can come pick it up at Albert Lea Seed. After reading all of the reviews, I was nervous about placing my order. document.write("
"); We do hope to hear back from the customer as we would like to help resolve this problem. Since I can pull up my account online, I have all the information they would need to refund my order, but since this is only a call center, they can't pull up my account to see. Catalog Shopping. I've just started planting now so time will tell on how well they do. The total order came to 337.05 and that was a good price if everthing lived. Vesey’s. FARM SEED SALES & PICK UP. *New England Seed Company (NES eed) 122 Park Ave., Building H East Hartford, CT 06108 800-825-5477 www.neseed.com Online and print catalogs. Get your free garden seed catalog for 2020. Our Seed Company offers conventional, organic, heirloom and hybrid seeds in bulk and packets for growers of any size. A customer care representative has contacted this customer for further information. Break out your green thumb and order this free catalog today! We shall see if any of my plants survive. Garden’s Alive. document.write(" "); It was a bit overpriced, but it was so unusual, I went ahead and ordered two of them, thinking how nice they would look at each corner of my deck. The plants are all beat up in the plastic bag that I received everything in. seed plant and nursery catalogs directory at Farmers Market Online. Seeds, plants and gardening supplies for home gardens. Farmer Seed And Nursery Catalog - Garden Supply Catalog. I placed my order on 9 March (and hoped for the best!). My bundle of 25 plants is literally rubber banded together. They are not worth the postage to refund! It has already been six weeks. One of the plants I didn't get was a $50 tree. I spend $150 and I didnt get 2 of the items I ordered and I'm not crazy how they shipped everything. I also bought seeds from other sources. No vouchers. We are affiliated with other companies but these are separate companies, not different names for the same company. Their selection covers most of the basic needs for Midwest gardeners. Farmer Seed and Nursery’s catalog is a free resource for gardeners and farmers across the United States. Home » Gardening Supply Catalogs » Farmer Seed and Nursery. I ordered many trees and other garden related plants this year. This item number did not match what was on the shipping label. Now they say the new plant will come in the spring of 2021!! The blue potatoes failed with not a single plant sprouting. Farmers offers a wide variety of nursery furniture, including cots, bassinets, portacots, mattresses, and change tables. So here are all of the names, 1. Wayside Gardens. Botanical Interests also has a great collection of supplies, tools, and organic products. The Online Greenhouse. We purchased some very expensive seeds and were very disappointed. Some of the largest, oldest and most loved growers and distributors of nursery stock have joined together to provide DirectGardening.com. My seeds performed adequately, but not super well. Run away and run fast from this company. I was very happy with the condition my plants were in. I ordered another 40 this year and the order was filled in a very timely fashion and the trees are in the ground and I am expecting more good growing with these! In January I placed a $65 order, along with other orders to other companies. We have sent in the asked for Documents and recieved nothing in return but our letters which we sent to them. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. When you pay for an order on the site they clearly state that if anything is not avail they will provide written notice and they had 4 months to notify me as I don't even want an order this incomplete. I've contacted them, and will update as necessary. We do have a refund and replacement guarantee available. Browse an exclusive selection of organic, heirloom, vegetable, flower, herb, fruit, perennial, and annual seeds and plants at Burpee. I recieved a receipt and nothing else after i have asked where my order is, I am told it will ship when available. While I did get my plants on time, I certainly did not like the way they were shipped. We received a catalog randomly in the mail - everything looked so wonderful (including the prices) I read some reviews. We have contacted this customer via D-mail to see how we may be of assistance. and Cookie Policy. If you want a download of your journal data, please send a request to our, Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden.com, Add your own comment and rating to this company. Shop seeds, plants and gardening supplies for home gardens. The citrus plants look fantastic and the berries like sticks (but that is typical), the pepper plant a little wilted, but it's in soil now. }. Sure, they'll refund your payment, but you have to pay shipping both ways. I have never been so disappointed in my life! I spent over $200.00. Title Variants: Alternative: spring 1920 wholesale prices By. Business Profile. FArmer Seed & Nursery Co. 1932 Season Annual Catalog Unknown Binding – January 1, 1932 by Farmers Seed & Nursery (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. All I want is a full refund. Along with planting your favorite fruits and vegetables, be sure to add flowers like roses, tulips, peonies, posies, and more to your yard. WARNING: If you close the account you paid with. I'm then told that the main office does not accept calls and the only way they replace orders or refunds is by sending in the shipping label or some proof that I actually purchased something from them. Received dead plants, followed the instructions to "make sure" by leaving them in the ground for a few weeks but nope, dead. I expected to loose at least a couple. "Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be processed. I ordered two banana trees Four weeks ago and waited the 2 weeks for processing, which seems a bit much to me, and then waited another week before they arived. document.write("
"); I bought numerous plants from various vendors for a large garden I'm starting. A customer care representative has contacted this customer for further information. How was I to know when on the website they state they ship in early march and April they would not get to me and may not be available. I have written and emailed and each time I get a different story, they are being shipped, no they are not. I lost half my order. document.write(""); Prairie Nursery has a free seed catalog they send out once a year that includes seeds for wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, vines, grasses, and more. Farmer Seed and Nursery sends a big free catalog with large pictures and notes on each plant and seed. if(SizeManager.check_is_desktop()) { This site offers the finest flowers, shrubs, trees, and seeds available at prices you won't believe. COUPON (2 days ago) Farmer Seed and Nursery’s catalog is a free resource for gardeners and farmers across the United States. document.write("